A vital part of what we do is sharing important insights into the challenges that face charter schools today.  Our webinar series allows us to bring you information that can help you throughout your school year with topics that cover Governance, Brown Act, Vaccinations, ongoing issues surrounding COVID-19, and much more.


2022 Schedule and On-Demand Library coming soon…

January 26 – Legal Compliance & Financial Strategies for Charter School New Funding
February 2 – Mastering Employee Leaves and Accommodations, Including Amidst Ever-Changing Work Environments

2021 Charter Leadership Forum

2021 Charter Leadership Forum

November 10, 2021
Presented by:
• Janelle Ruley, Partner, YMC
• Lee Rosenberg, Senior Counsel, YMC
• Bryce Fleming, VP of Client Management and School Finance, EdTec
• Chris Lim, VP of School Performance and Analytics, EdTec
• Dr. Jennifer Reyes, Educational Support Services Manager, EdTec
• Annice Weinstein, Senior Manager, Assessment Data and Analysis, EdTec

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